Hyperconvergence for Every Budget


Create Enterprise-grade infrastructure without Enterprise resources

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) greatly simplifies the deployment and management of IT infrastructure and reduces costs for businesses of all sizes. By integrating storage, network, virtualization, and compute with an intuitive management interface, the need for specialized personnel and proprietary hardware is eliminated.


100% Software Only

NodeWeaver is a truly software-defined solution, meaning that customers are not forced to purchase pre-bundled appliances or pre-configured hardware that they either don’t need or doesn’t meet their individual specifications. NodeWeaver enables you to create robust, highly-resilient HCI clusters from virtually any x86 server. The intelligence and flexibility of NodeWeaver even enables you to build clusters with dissimilar hardware, so customers can combine different server brands, configurations, and even chipsets to create seamlessly integrated HCI clusters that are easily managed via a single intuitive interface. So, instead of paying inflated prices for branded appliances, use the hardware that makes the most sense for your organization and use case.  


Cloud without compromise

Get all of the features, functionality, reliability, and ease of use of public cloud services with the privacy and control of on-premises infrastructure. While public cloud is ideally suited for web applications which require massive and dynamic scalability, the vast majority of IT workloads are relatively static and predictable. Also, many applications do not fit optimally into the “T-shirt” sized instances that public cloud providers offer, so customers often end up paying for more compute resources than they need. The net result is that many customers are discovering that the cost of public cloud is much higher than expected and are migrating applications back on-premises – a phenomenon that has been dubbed “the boomerang effect”. With NodeWeaver, you don’t have to compromise.

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