Why NodeWeaver? - NodeWeaver is committed to providing the most value-focused solution by delivering a robust, feature-rich, software-based HCI solution at the most compelling cost in the industry, thereby making HCI attainable and justifiable for every customer and budget. By delivering such compelling economics, NodeWeaver mitigates much of the risk that is often associated with implementing new technologies.


NodeWeaver runs on any x86 platform - from small white-box systems all the way up to very large branded server solutions.  In many cases, customers are able to repurpose existing hardware and avoid additional cost. NodeWeaver users get complete flexibility and freedom of choice and avoid being anchored to a proprietary appliance, which minimizes cost and risk.



Easily create, manage, and deploy VM’s, network, and storage through an intuitive interface. Rapidly deploy entire system and enable anyone on the IT team to manage the environment and make infrastructure changes in minutes. No more silos of proprietary technology or specialized skillsets required.


NodeWeaver is designed with reliability and high availability features throughout the stack. It has been built on the same technology that is used as the basis for most public cloud environments, which has been in production and successfully serving millions of workloads inside all the major datacenters in operation today. NodeWeaver delivers this at a price point which makes it attainable for everyone.

  • Distributed Storage: When a read or write operation is requested by a virtual machine, that operation is striped across the nodes 

  • Linear Scaling: when additional nodes get added to the cluster, performance and capacity scale linearly and workloads are automatically rebalanced across the entire cluster.
  • “Shared Nothing” design: Any component in the architecture can fail without causing data loss and, in most cases, without causing any downtime to the virtual machines running on the environment. If a hard drive fails, the blocks that resided on that drive are redistributed to the remaining systems. If an entire node fails, all of the storage on that system be redistributed and the virtual machines will be automatically restarted on the remaining nodes. 
  • Self-healing: If components in the cluster fail, the software automatically steps in to rebalance and shift workloads to the remaining nodes. All components of the NodeWeaver design are inherently highly available, providing for a level of data resiliency and system uptime that up until now has only been available to companies with sizable IT budgets. 

Lowest TCO and Fastest Time to Value (TTV)

NodeWeaver delivers the lowest TCO and fastest TTV in the industry by focusing on cost savings, cost avoidance, and no-nonsense pricing.

  • Cost Savings: By leveraging existing open source technologies and investing in integrating them, significant development cost savings have been achieved, which are passed along to customers.  
  • Cost Avoidance:  One of the open-source technologies used is the KVM hypervisor, which enables customers to have the advantages of virtualization while avoiding the high cost of VMware.
  • No-nonsense pricing: Unlike many competitors, the NodeWeaver pricing model is simple and straightforward. It doesn’t matter how many users or how much storage, CPU, or RAM you want to use. Purchase one (1) NodeWeaver license for each node (physical server) in the cluster. You can start with 2 nodes and grow from there. The choice of hardware is completely up to you.